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Current Fuel Price

Plymouth Airport Event Requirements

The Plymouth Airport Commission may grant permission for various events on airport property (in airport building or accessing/on airport land) which the Commission determines is in the best interest of the Plymouth Airport. This permission will be based on a numbers of criteria areas. The Commission reserves the right to waive certain requirements on a case by case basis.

Primary Criteria: The principal criteria by which the Commission will consider allowing an event to take place on airport property is that the event in some manner helps or improves the situation of the airport overall with regards to the aviation users and or the general public. Events which are specifically aviation related shall be given priority. Events which may have an adverse impact on the airport overall and or based tenants shall be discouraged and not allowed.

General Criteria:

  • The Commission requires a minimum of 45 days notice for requests which will attract medium to large groups of attendees.
  • Events sponsors shall be non-profit entities, “for profit “events will be approved only when there is an overwhelming positive impact for the airport as determined by the Commission.
  • Event sponsors shall provide adequate insurance naming the Plymouth Airport Commission, Plymouth Municipal Airport, Town of Plymouth and the Airport Manager as additional insured with regards to the event. The insurance minimums shall be 1 million dollars or as specified by the Commission.
  • Events shall be Aviation related unless determined by the Commission to be in the best interest of the Airport /Town in general.
  • Events shall be scaled so as to minimize negative impacts on existing airport tenants. Events which have a positive impact on existing businesses are preferred.
  • The sponsor shall be responsible to identify and coordinate in advance the event with any and all tenants which may be impacted by the proposed event. Events in and around the Gate 2 area/ Administration building must be coordinated with tenants in the administration building including the restaurant and flight schools in the Admin building. The Commission feels it is critical that existing tenants not be adversely impacted by events.
  • The Sponsor shall provide an event plan which shall cover all pertinent facets of the event, including but not limited to: full and adequate description of the event, site plan, emergency plan, security plan, attendee estimates, types of attendees, parking plan, impacts on the airport in general and airport/tenant impact in particular.
  • The Commission discourages events which require the closure runways or taxiways or otherwise decreases the ability for the airport to carry out the normal and usual activity of the airport. 
  • The Commission shall allow adequate time between outside events to allow grass area to recover from uses. Generally a maximum of one larger event in any 4 week period.
  • The sponsor shall be responsible to reimburse the airport and or tenants for expenses or lost revenue caused by the event. These potential costs will be clarified in advance of the event to the extent possible.
  • The sponsor shall be responsible for all costs and permits
  • The Commission may require additional meetings to clarify the nature of the event before making a decision.

Plymouth Municipal Airport
246 South Meadow Road
Plymouth, MA 02360
Tel : (508) 746-2020
Fax: (508) 747-4483


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